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New Gallery: 'Leaves & Blossoms'

I have a new website. It was time for a spring clean and some painting and decorating. There are still details to be added but I think its good enough to go. I am happy with it as it offers me more options, including the possibility to sell my prints directly from my site in the future. With my new site comes a new image gallery: 'Leaves & Blossoms'. The gallery features a single project of photographing Frangipani blossoms and a variety of leaves at my home in Malaysia.

Over my years in tropics I had often been wondering why Frangipani tree drops these perfect, almost intact, deeply fragrant blossoms to the ground as if shedding itself from excess beauty. I am a keen walker and would often pick them up, sometimes in hundreds, scattered on my path. I would dry them, beautify my home with them, freeze them, decorate my hair with them, draw or photograph them, or just simply enjoy their perfume.

As with all living things cut from their lifeline, the fallen blossoms soon started to wilt and die but the overwhelming amount of them meant that this was not a problem for my photography. My aim was to photograph their lightness and delicate beauty even with their imperfections, which in my view only enhanced their charm.

The image below will show you, behind the scene of the topsy turvy, upside down process as I lay on my patio floor using an overcast sky as my fantastic lightbox. The process looks just as it was, little clumsy and low tech but I like using what is available and make most of it. And more often than not, it works.

More images can be found on my gallery: 'Leaves & Blossoms'



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