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Blue Moon

I hear some people say how a full moon makes them restless and cause sleepless nights. The experience is quite the opposite to me. I do agree that every full moon calls for attention but for me it is just to admire and to appreciate. With or without my camera, I see the full moon's quiet and graceful appearances as a calling to go out. Wherever and which ever form it takes on the stage, I think it is stunningly beautiful.

full moon over a misty forest
Blue Moon © Päivi Maria Wells

The full moon appeared this summer as my birthday was turning into the next day. The following morning I had to leave Finland and my summer was coming to an end. It was a night of the Blue Moon, the second full moon in a month that has two full moons. Rare as this astronomical phenomenon is, I gave it’s appearance as a birthday gift to myself and a farewell to the place I love so much.

Full moon over a misty forest and purple sky
Blue Moon © Päivi Maria Wells

I find there is something very calming about the moon. There is harmony, I become quiet and I become content. As so often in nature, the experience of a full moon puts me in perspective and I feel a deep sense of connection and belonging. I am reminded again that we are all part of something larger, call it a life, a universe, a nature, a god. Or perhaps we are all just part of a happy coincidence.



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