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Päivi Maria Wells-Fine Art Photography

Photography is my creative outlet and a way to document my inner experience. It is a natural extension from my experience with other creative media such as etching and drawing.


Photography for me is about discovery and a curious exploration; time often spent quietly and patiently observing and paying attention to life as it unfolds around me; sometimes still, quiet and clear, other times blurry, filled with noise and constant motion. I  see life as  fully lived tangible experience and the photographs mere reflections of the passed moments.


Despite my surroundings photography for me is often a meditative process; my mind becomes empty and open, the sense of self dissolves and I become fully focused. I enthusiastically study new techniques which allow me to etch the light, texture and movement of my surroundings onto the camera's sensor. 


My creativity sparks from time spent in nature, in solitude and in reflection. The images vary from the harsh rocky seashore of my childhood north and the deep forest and summer meadows to the vividly rich encounters I have had a chance to experience around the world. As with life, this is an ongoing process; it continues to change and to evolve. I curiously follow the path. 


The photographs are printed as pigment ink on highest quality fine art photography paper, hand-signed and numbered at the back of the image.


The aim of art is to represent, not the outward appearance of things,

but the inward significance


- Aristotle -

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