23 photos

This gallery is an ongoing process of capturing the moment as I return by the water. Whether it is the harsh, rocky seashore of my home in north or the tropical colors of the warmer climates, I try to capture how I see and feel the world around me.
"One Evening by the Sea""Whispers & Fear I""Vaasa""Seashore - Ranta""My Home""Maja""Midnight Sun""I Can Hear You I""Waves - Aallot""I Dream I""Gentle Dance of the Evening Sun - Ilta-Auringon Pieni Tanssi''"Aava""Anchored-Ankkurissa""Morning - Aamu""Can You Hear the Silence? - Kuuletko Hiljaisuuden?""It Will Rain Again - Kohta Sataa""The Rushes-Kaislikko""At the Horizon - Taivaanranta""Somewhere Around Midnight"Gulf of Bothnia, Finland, 2013