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This gallery consists images from one summer night in Finland. It was the night of the blue moon, the second full moon in the same calendar month. Photographed on the night 30. -31. July 2015.

Guestbook for Blue Moon
Such breath taking photographs. The beauty of the night clad in ethereal shades and he various moods of the moon captured through your lenses has a compelling story to tell. The empress of the night, alone, solitarily reigning the sky in silent meditation. The night welcomes her, spreads all around her, above her and beneath her, it tells the little stars to hush a while and listen. Meanwhile below, the tree tops send a supplication to the moon and they say, "we are rooted to the ground that belongs to beings that do not want us, and our heads are floating just below your sky. We are doomed things but shine your light on us and we will find a way".